MakerDAO and Blockshipping Collaborate to Transform the Global Container Shipping Industry

MakerDAO, developers of the Dai stablecoin, and Blockshipping, developers of the Worldwide Shared Container Platform, (GSCP), are interacting to change the worldwide container shipping market, allowing considerable cost savings in expense and CO2 emissions.

The collaboration is anticipated to speed up advancement and accessibility of the Blockshipping GSCP by leveraging Maker DAO’s tested Dai Stablecoin System to power the GSCP platform.

MakerDAO and Blockshipping today reveal a collaboration to team up on changing a vital part of the worldwide supply chain market– the container shipping market.

Blockshipping is establishing the blockchain based GSCP platform, which will be both the very first worldwide computer registry of the world’s roughly 27 million shipping containers and a joint platform for all gamers in the container shipping market– enabling them to effectively carry out a large range of deals associated with the handling of shipping containers internationally. Components of the GSCP platform will use Maker’s tested Dai Stablecoin system.

The GSCP platform has the possible to decrease expenses for the worldwide shipping market to the tune of USD 5.7 bn yearly and decrease the worldwide CO2 emission by more than 4.6 million loads every year.

Speeding Up the Platform Advancement

Blockshipping’s CEO, Peter Ludvigsen, is pleased with the possibility of speeding up the advancement of the GSCP platform through a cooperation with MakerDAO:

” Our company believe that there is big possible worth in exactly what Dai the stablecoin will give the GSCP platform. Leveraging Maker’s Dai Stablecoin System will make it possible for Blockshipping to increase the rate of advancement of the GSCP platform and decrease time to market.”

Rune Christensen, CEO of MakerDAO, sees a great deal of possible advantages to Blockshipping using the Dai Stability System to power the GSCP platform.

” We anticipate a collaboration with Blockshipping in establishing the very best possible option for changing the container shipping area, where the Blockshipping services on the longer term can be “powered by Dai”. We are extremely excited to reveal that our stablecoin system is completely created for supply chain tasks like Blockshipping’s GSCP platform.”

Removing Volatility

The MakerDAO Stablecoin System has actually developed a digital currency, Dai, which is soft-pegged to the United States dollar, bringing stability to the blockchain economy and allowing deal in cryptocurrencies. Unlike other stablecoin systems, the Maker platform is backed by security, utilizing wise agreements to constantly make sure the best balance in between the quantity of Dai and the security support released Dai. It is a decentralized facilities without a main operator.

Introduced in December 2017, the beta Dai Stablecoin System accepts Ether (ETH) as security however will present multi-collateral alternatives this summer season. As the platform progresses, there will be increased assistance for security types, consisting of tokenized products and, in theory, even a batch of bikes in a container or the shipping containers themselves might be tokenized and utilized as security for providing Dai on MakerDAO’s platform. More details can be discovered at

Typical Scandinavian Origin

Both MakerDAO and Blockshipping use worldwide platforms and works globally, yet both business have an unique Scandinavian origin and Danish creators and CEOs. This typical cultural heritage produces a shared concentrate on typical worths of trust and openness.

Blockshipping is presently working out of Copenhagen, and MakerDAO, who currently have 5 workplaces around the globe, is checking out a possible moving of its head office to Copenhagen within the next year.

To learn more, please contact:

Michael Juul Rugaard
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +4544 40 31 32

Søren Peter Nielsen
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +4560 62 17 41

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