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Kasko2Go ICO review & Analysis

First Blockchain Community for Safer Driving


We offer insurance coverage approximately 50% less expensive than any rival, utilizing advanced innovation and a distinct organisation design. Our next action is to end up being much faster as well as more safe utilizing blockchain, and produce an open, decentralized facilities for the motor insurance coverage market.

We minimize insurance coverage expenses for much safer motorists, making streets safe and promoting total driving culture. Our AI innovation, first-rate group and distinct organisation design make us think we can interfere with entire insurance coverage market.

Our dominant competitive benefits revolve particularly around resolving the market’s most significant difficulties: expenses, accuracy, efficiency and usage of modern tools.

— Kasko2Go deals 20 to 50% less expensive services than our rivals. How? By having more precise information and wisely lessening expenditures.

— No more faceless administration: using AI and accurate telematics, we bring subtlety to automobile insurance coverage cases. This guarantees precise examinations, much better payments, less expensive premiums and more!

— 5+ years of investigating countless motorists. We have the most precise understanding of worldwide driving patterns. We have actually been Google’s main provider of telematic information because2012 Our unequaled precision permits us to use a greatly less expensive.

Motor insurance coverage purchase

Consumer makes an application for registration. After the threat evaluation and scams avoidance treatments, registration is total, and the agreement information is saved in the blockchain. Consumer pays the insurance coverage charge based upon a specific rate of the pay-as-you-go design.

Claim processing

When the consumer sends a claim, scams detection and claim assessment happen. When damage is validated, the information is transferred into the blockchain, demands to the liquidity swimming pool and for reinsurance are submitted, and after that the K2G token quantity is opened for the consumer.


Our strategy: from motor insurance coverage as needed to a detailed all-vehicles insurance coverage environment in 2.5 years


kasko2go mobile app currently running areas with 25,000 users

Q2 2018

Ethereum-based blockchain

Intro of K2G token

Release in Switzerland, Austria, Germany


Scaling organisation design to nearby sectors of insurance coverage services

United States and EU covered by kasko2go


Image result for Genadi Man
Genadi ManCo-Founder, CEO
Bakutin Dmitry
Dmitry Bakutin  CEO 
Dimitri Wulich
Dimitri Wulich  Senior Risk Manager
Andriy Khavryuchenko
Andriy Khavryuchenko Blockchain Architect
Arina Man
Arina Man
Co-Founder, Board Member
Anna Petrova
Anna Petrova Insurance Underwriting, Financial Modelling
Nikolay Gora
‍Nikolay Gora
Head of Project Development

Kasko2Go evaluation and analysis

Listed below you read our unbiased evaluation and analysis of Kasko2Go.


  • Comprehensive group management with appropriate market understanding and networks. A few the employee were likewise proven
  • An operating app with users for insurance coverage contrast
  • Soft Cap of 3 000 000 EUR appears sensible for the strategy execution
  • The automobile insurance coverage market can gain from blockchain by making double declaring in between various business harder
  • Competitors motivating market platform that makes entry for brand-new business owners simple. Blockchain possibly decreasing deal expenses
  • The products are quite well put together and made appearance rather expert
  • An excellent list of partners from appropriate supply chain operators
  • Rather great social networks and noting website presence for an early phase ICO

Prospective issues

  • Less validation on how the token worth will increase throughout business procedure making this a lot for early financiers
  • The provided roadmap is extremely unclear and brief
  • Optimum preliminary overall evaluation of EUR22 M is rather high for an early phase job
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