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Johnny Depp has signed a partnership deal with Tatatu

Johnny Depp has signed a partnership deal with Tatatu, an ethereum based Netflix like streaming platform mixed with TTU token economics run by entrepreneur Andrea Iervolino.

“In this era of democratized entertainment, I admire the imaginative ethos of Andrea and look forward to collaborating together in a liberating, progressive manner that will befit the principals of our respective entities,” Depp said.

They will be collaborating on “Waiting for the Barbarians,” an adaptation of a book of the same title chosen by Penguin for its series Great Books of the 20th Century.

A timely and hard hitting novel, the book is a critique of imperialism and its use of fear to subjugate citizens through scapegoating barbarians who the imperialists say are coming, but never come.

“Johnny has the ability to conceptualize material in a way that few can, and is unburdened of conventional industry formulas that dictate the projects that get made, traditionally,” Iervolino said before adding:

“As we make strides to embrace disruptiveness, Johnny will be a key collaborator with us and we are tremendously excited to back his visions and instincts on stories to bring to life.”

Tatatu gave away $50 million worth of tokens at 50 TTU per sign up after raising half a billion in a pre-sale with some very big backers.

They aim to implement ethereum smart contracts for digital rights management, with the token acting as an incentivizer in a BAT like set-up where advertisers pay viewers and content producers.

The platform has further produced original content itself, and will continue making exclusive content available only on Tatatu.

Waiting for the Barbarians may be the biggest yet, with blockchain projects now starting to move to a  new stage of in-production usage where the crypto-token aspect and the blockchain aspect is secondary to the benefits.

Such as just how good the movie will be and will it be acclaimed or otherwise by the critics. Something that we will find out soon.

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Lewis is a freelance journalist, digital nomad, and crypto enthusiast based out of US. As an avid observer of the rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem he specializes in the FinTech sector, and when not writing explores the technological landscape of US.

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