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Illegal Paper Currency Through Tokenization in a town news Moscow


A town around 100 miles beyond Moscow might well have simply 9 individuals, however has actually formerly handled to draw in the attention of all Russia.

Kolionovo has “prohibited federal government authorities from getting in without a note showing their psychological health and a current fluorography laboratory test to show that they do not have tuberculosis.”

While Mikhail Shlyapnikov, a previous lender who opted-in for the farmers life, was apprehended in 2015 for developing a paper based regional currency called kolion, which was then stated prohibited tender.

However the lender is back at it, now with a kolion token which perhaps cannot be prohibited quickly. The issue is farmers there make money just two times a year, developing a liquidity scarcity, however the lender, so being a lender, developed a basic option.

In result, they provided promissory notes, imitating the promissory notes in your pocket, however this time they have actually done so in a token type and unlike numerous other cryptos, or certainly the money in your wallet, kolion is really backed by genuine consumable fruit and vegetables.

For the paper variation, “the kolion [was] pegged so that 1 kolion is comparable to 10 kg of potatoes and 2 kolions are pegged at 10 eggs.” For the token variation they just say:

” It is accuseded of functions of a ‘commitment card’: each token owner will be qualified to advantages– discount rates for products and services in the Kolinovo environment.”

The currency token has actually apparently drawn in a market, managing $11,000 in trading volumes throughout the past 24 hours, offering it a market cap of almost $1 million after raising $510,000 from 103 individuals in an ICO held in 2015.

Kolion current cost action.

That’s the token’s current cost action which is presently trading on Tidex and obviously is discovering some usage within the town which runs as a self-dependent co-operative of sorts. They states:

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” Task advancement started in 2007 on the basis of the brand-new design of the rural economy, which count on liberty, shared help, self-organization and self-sufficiency, along with streamlined plans of reasonable and personal cooperation, openness and trust.

Task individuals are a variety of friendly farms, legal entities participated in production, customer society, personal subsidiary farms, and people. Practically all the individuals currently have the necessary production centers, methods of production, equipment, devices, and land.

The variety of services and products is broad enough: from food to complicated modules of unique devices for modern production. Today’s volumes of regional production totally please the requirements of the individuals of the environment and are likewise easily carried out outdoors market, contributed to charitable and social functions.”

Making this extremely unidentified token, concealed down the 800 th rank out of all some 1,500 cryptos, an extremely intriguing task as it appears to please a regional requirement, so giving the most ancient occupation, the extremely cutting edge.

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