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Digitize is a fascinating task that plannings to get rid of making use of modification in any customer deals. Their service includes an Acorns-style technique to alter. Inning accordance with the main whitepaper, “Digitize is an environment which will offer users with a digital wallet, and enable them to conserve their loose modification and money digitally, at the point of a deal.

Digitize eliminates the have to bring loose-change and promote the shift from a money to a digital-based economy, which will minimize physical currency production expense, along with decreasing the difficulties connected with physical modification.”

The whitepaper likewise makes the point that the Digitize community will reinforce the total cryptocurrency market by bringing an extra income stream into cryptocurrencies through the conversion of loose modification.

Although a bulk of the western world is embracing digital payments, lots of establishing countries are still extensively operate on money deals. Digitize’s method intends to help in the shift of money into digital wallets.

Their whitepaper recommends that they will initially target South Asian markets where money deals are still dominant.

The Digitize group makes the unexpected point that the real expenses of producing currency are exceptionally high.

Particularly, they point out a current report from CoinDesk, which specified that “the international production expense of notes in 2014 as $265 billion USD and $1.5 billion USD for coins. These figures are theorized just from the products and labor functional expenses had to make currency and do not include other elements like ecological ramification and energy expenses.”

Much more remarkably, much of the coins cost more to make then they are in fact worth.

Data from the United States Federal Reserve Mint show that both the nickel and cent expense more to make than they deserve. A cent costs 1.66 cents to make while the nickel costs 8 cents to produce. A quarter, worth 25 cents, just costs 9 cents to make while a cent just costs about 4 cents.

These expenses consume into state spending plans, decreasing the offered capital for required federal government costs.

Digitize’s service is for that reason to promote mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. Digitize allows the conversion of loose modification into crypto-currency at the retail point-of-sale by the consumer. The transformed cryptocurrency would then be hung on a simple to utilize mobile digital wallet.

The Digitize mobile wallet will be offered for both Android and iOS. In addition, there is no constraint on the type, size, or place of the seller who might allow Digitize performance.

Through Digitize, customers will have a platform to transform and exchange their loose modification for Ethereum to purchase a crypto index token.

Digitize likewise provides merchants a benefits platform, where they might award feedback benefits or deal discount rates through making use of Digitize tokens to their consumers.

Digitize will handle the:

  1. Digitize token development and the token launch to money advancement and growth.
  2. Facility of a decentralized, reasonable and safe and secure design for token execution.
  3. Advancement of clever agreements to run the order payment and satisfaction procedure.
  4. Release of the site and mobile app for merchants and customers.
  5. 5. Production of an efficient reward design for all celebrations to sign up with the Digitize community.
  6. Advancement of active marketing projects to spark preliminary traction.
  7. Elaboration of the community’s regulative elements.


Inning accordance with the whitepaper, the seller adoption of the Digitize platform is a crucial function for the success of Digitize, for that reason, the community was tactically prepared to be offered as a totally free mobile application for any seller on the planet to set up and utilize.

They incentivize merchants to utilize the platform by supplying transactional income of 2% each time a customer deposits become their wallet through them.

Additionally, they argue that the promotion, marketing, and customer need gotten by revealing a crypto-partnership will offer massive advantages to the seller.

The seller duty consists of:

  1. Supply Digitize services straight to the customer.
  2. Participate and develop benefits programs.
  3. Evaluation tutorials and handbooks.
  4. Make sure routine deposits into their seller wallet, to cover customer need.
  5. Promote the Digitize community by bringing traffic through internet marketing.

Customer functions consist of:

  1. Register to Digitize services.
  2. Take part in recommendation programs.
  3. Evaluation tutorials and handbooks.
  4. Supply feedback.
  5. Receive promo, recommendation and feedback benefits.

The existing basic electronic funds transfer at the point of sale (a client making a digital deal at a seller) involves more than 10 various actions to settle a deal, involving a prolonged procedure that might be interrupted with making use of Blockchain.

Digitize argues that blockchain innovation can develop a more effective and trustful retail payment procedure.

Utilizing the Blockchain allowed Digitize platform, customers will be supplied a way to shop and conserve loose modification, while likewise having the ability to pay with their digital wallets.

On the other hand, merchants will gain from rapid digital payments. The Digitize community offers merchants with rewards to embrace Digitize, through both transactional incomes on deposits made by customers.

Each deposit deal will charge the customer 4% to deposit loose modification into their digital wallets, with the seller getting 2% and Digitize getting 2% of the worth of the deposit. All trading and exchange costs will be at a set 1% trading cost.

Secret parts of the Digitize community consist of:

  1. Customers who want to embrace cryptocurrency.
  2. Merchants who want to accept and release the Digitize services.
  3. An exchange that will enable Digitize to be traded for Ethereum and the crypto index.
  4. Extra parts which will assist to broaden the adoption of Digitize and enable it to thrive consist of:
  5. Cross-marketing benefits in between the seller and the Digitize platform.
  6. Recommendation benefits for customers.
  7. Promos from providers to customers.
  8. Feedback benefits.

Seller Wallet

The seller will be needed to keep a minimum quantity of Digitize tokens in their wallet so that when customers do enter into the shop, they have adequate quantities prepared to be moved to the customers’ wallets.

The seller will have a QR code created distinct to each deal which will enable the immediate transfer of Digitize tokens to the customer.

Merchants can either acquire Digitize tokens on the platform or keep the tokens that customers utilize to spend for items and services. The seller will be incentivized a portion of the deposit-transaction cost.


Benefits will be offered to a seller to inspire them to motivate customer adoption of Digitize. These benefits will be supplied through a portion of the deal cost, along with through reaching specific turning points i.e. the more customers they describe Digitize tokens the more complimentary tokens they will get.

Feedback Benefits

Services looking for feedback on items and services that they presently offer, or need to they want to present brand-new items and services, can offer rewards to customers with Digitize tokens to inspire them to get involved.

The feedback system will enable business to perform marketing research or focus groups that will allow them to comprehend the wants and needs of their customers in more information.

Details from the customers will be safely saved and processed so as not to recognize the customer and will enable them the liberty to offer open and useful feedback that will assist all celebrations included.

Service App

Business app and site will offer companies with a control panel where they can see the quantity of Digitize tokens they have as a balance, the worth of Digitize tokens they have, and other companies that are on the Digitize platform that they might wish to cross-market with.

The app will likewise offer companies with a platform to establish promos and discount rates, benefits programs and get feedback from customers.

The app and site will both be safely secured with two-factor authentication.

The parts of business app are as follows:


  1. Reveals the quantity of Digitize tokens business has, and the worth in regional currency.
  2. Supplies an alternative to send out funds to customers which will then produce a QR code.
  3. Reveals the quantity of cryptocurrency business holds, and the worth in regional currency.
  4. Supplies a way for business to exchange in between ETH and DTZ.


  1. Reveals the variety of digital tokens business holds.
  2. Payments supported through DTZ and ETH.
  3. Supplies a way of payment utilizing supported cryptocurrencies the customer holds.


  1. Shows the variety of feedback benefits.
  2. Choice to establish benefits, promos, and discount rates on business platform, for customers to see.
  3. The app and site will offer access to video tutorials for companies on the best ways to utilize the numerous functions.


The Digitize token is the whole structure upon which the community rests. The energy of tokens are as follows:

Rewards For Services

  1. An ingenious payment choice.
  2. Increased security as currency is continued a digital platform and not physical.
  3. Capability to accept several payment alternatives for items and services;-LRB- ********).
  4. Decreased dependence on physical currency i.e. to keep coins to offer as modification.
  5. Networking chances to engage with brand-new companies that will match their own company.
  6. Supply appealing promo and commitment benefits to obtain and maintain customers.
  7. Get direct consumer feedback.

Rewards For Customers

  1. Having the ability to utilize Digitize tokens to acquire items and services.
  2. Bring less physical currency.
  3. Not losing cash as it will all be digital in their own individual wallet.
  4. Capability to exchange to Ethereum and purchase the Crypto-index.
  5. Having brand-new ingenious benefits programs with merchants.
  6. Capability to make Digitize Tokens for recommendations.

Token Circulation

Inning accordance with the white paper, Digitize will at first keep 10% of tokens in reserve to make sure liquidity and supply. As soon as the reserve is reduced, Digitize will acquire tokens frequently to make sure liquidity stays favorable, by purchasing tokens at market value when token allowance is listed below 5% of overall supply of Digitize holdings.

The overall allowance of tokens will be 60% to sale to the general public, 20% will be booked for the group, 5% will be conserved for consultants, 3% will be utilized to money the bounty and airdrop programs, and 2% will be designated for neighborhood supervisors. The rest 10% will be utilized as a contingency for future reserves.

The whitepaper specifies that an airdrop will be arranged 3 weeks after the ICO for people that refer a buddy to Digitize, through their distinct link.

The earnings from the token sale are designated as follows:

  • Research Study and Advancement Expenses 65%
  • Sales and Marketing 23%
  • Admin and Functional 10%
  • Legal Expenses 2%

Any tokens not offered in the token sale, will either be charred or dispersed similarly to existing token holders.


The Group looks quite genuine and seems doing their finest to follow ICO finest practices, consisting of getting their clever agreement investigated.

Their CEO has double bachelors in Engineering and Service Management from The University of Innovation, Sydney. He has more than 6 years of experience in the tech market last working as a portfolio supervisor with IBM, where he handled the Westpac account, which is among Australia’s prominent banks.

Their head engineer is a blockchain engineer especially thinking about Ethereum and Smart Contracts. In the fiat world, he has more than 10 years of global experience in Big Data and Artificial intelligence tasks. He got his MSc in High-Performance Computing with difference from the University of Edinburgh, UK.

Significantly, he likewise assisted develop the backend for PlayStation 4. He is likewise a triple winner in 2 various global IBM Apache Glow competitors and a handful of other effective hackathons.

The remainder of the group is relatively big with abilities beneficial to this kind of task. Their ICO consultants are likewise great. For instance: Among them is Lead ICO Advisor at MoonShot Asia as well as the Senior Skill Acquisition Expert at CryptoRecruit. Another is the creator of OpenInfluence, included in Forbes 30 under 30 in the location of Advertising and marketing. Another is presently a Director at Kapronasia, among Asia’s leading monetary innovation research study and consulting companies.

Simply put, this is a well-rounded group with excellent consultants.


Below is a breakdown of the dangers and chances connected with Digitize.


  • When finished, the Digitize platform will depend on 3rd parties to embrace, carry out and to continue to establish, supply, and otherwise support the platform. There is no assurance that those 3rd parties will promote their end of the deal which will have a negative impact on the Digitize platform. This is an example where giving up control might be bothersome. -3.5
  • While the Digitize group does appear to focus greatly on marketing at the beginning, it appears bothersome that there will not be a devoted sales group to onboard merchants. This appears like an issue originating from worshipping the decentralized ideology of the blockchain over real company worth. -2.5

Development Possible

  • Low token supply is constantly a plus. This suggests it will not take a great deal of capital to raise the cost. +2
  • The group appears extremely certified and has actually left their method to legitimize the task. They did this by getting a relied on 3rd party to investigate their clever agreement (it was cleared with flying colors) along with by putting their own extensive list of dangers in the whitepaper themselves. +4.5
  • Every usage of the earnings of the token sale is fastidiously drawn up in their roadmap. + 3


We reach a rating of 5.5 from 10 for Digitize. While this might be a deserving financial investment, the Achilles heel for long-lasting hodlers will be whether mass seller adoption in fact happens.

Financial Investment Information

  • Token Type: Energy
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Sign: DTZ
  • Token Cost: 1 DTZ = 0.0002 ETH
  • Token Supply: 200,000,000 Overall
  • Soft Cap: 600 ETH
  • Tough Cap: 20,000 ETH
  • Public Sale: 06 April 2018
  • Jurisdictions Disallowed From Getting Involved: N/A
  • Site: https://www.digitizecoin.com
  • Whitepaper: https://www.digitizecoin.com

Included image thanks to Shutterstock.

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