This Week In Crypto Pop Culture, December 10-14

December 15, 2018 12:14 AM

Roger Ver can’t catch a break, bitcoin is an ancient piece of music, and Honey Nut Cheerios has the perfect crypto winter solution.

It’s Friday, December 14, everybody! While that might mean it’s the tenth anniversary of President George W. Bush having two shoes thrown at him, it also means ETHNews is here with Having A Gas, a new weekly segment to bring you a short roundup of a few lighter stories in crypto and blockchain news.

Not Your Usual Sunday Funnies

“The Treasures of Mann O’Taur,” an interactive Ethereum-based web comic where readers can collect ERC-721 mythical artefact tokens and use them to win prizes, published its newest episode, Someone Will Die in the End.

Treasures of Mann O'Taur
Treasures of Mann O’Taur

Obviously, the title spoils quite a bit, so we’ll try to keep the rest of this spoiler free for those who want to enjoy the comic for themselves. Let’s just say Roger Ver, or as the comic calls him, “Bitcoin Judas,” has some interesting plans for Satan, represented in the comic by John McAfee, and how he’ll steal Mass Adoption from those looking to use it for good and not evil.

Hold Me Closer Tiny Token

Recently, Ari Paul, chief information officer of cryptocurrency investment firm BlockTower Capital, tweeted a question asking what musician or musical group would represent each cryptocurrency. Paul got the game started, claiming Ethereum is composer John Williams, “a prolific crowd pleaser.” Some responses linked bitcoin to the likes of Led Zeppelin and Nickelback, and others mistakenly referred to The Monkees as The Monkeys (p.s. I’m a pedant).

Of all the fun comparisons that can be drawn – Dogecoin is Weird Al, TRON is BTS, Zcash is Daft Punk – it cannot be argued that bitcoin is actually best represented not by a musician, but by a song itself, specifically “Hurrian Hymn No. 6,” aka, the world’s earliest known melody. Now, before you race the comment section to furiously inform us that actually the oldest musical composition is the Greek song “Seikilos Epitaph,” you have to understand this: modern musicians and historians have been able to agree on a transcription of the Greek piece. If you’ve read anything about bitcoin lately, you’ll know there’s hardly any agreeing going on, and “Hurrian Hymn No. 6” suffers the same fate, as the difficulties scholars have faced transcribing the song from its tablets have resulted in no definitive version ever being agreed upon.

What Happens to Bees in a Crypto Winter?

It protec, it attac, but most importantly, it scan. Boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios now feature scannable icons on the back that reward participants with what is called Buzzcoin. Owners of Buzzcoin can then choose to give their coin to one of three “teams,” each of which is connected to a charity organization represented by a celebrity. Team Lucy Hale represents the ASPCA, team Michael B. Jordan represents Feeding America, and team Rob Gronkowski represents the Grönk Natiön Youth Foundation.

Buzzcoin isn’t really a cryptocurrency – the website refers to it as “non-monetary points” – but it’s clearly piggy-backing on crypto buzzwords (pun absolutely intended). This caused some to question whether Buzzcoin is subject to the same market fluctuations as cryptocurrency.

However, Buzzcoin might actually be the only coin not affected by the crypto winter. During winter, honeybees flee to their hive, where they surround the queen, consuming up to 30 pounds to produce enough body heat to keep warm. Sounds to me like Buzzcoin will fair just fine.

One thing’s for sure, though, I’d be a pretty little liar if I said this fantastic cereal wasn’t my favorite Cheerios selection … football.

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