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Decentralized Islamic Bank Hada DBank Lands First Corporate Client


Blockchain-based Islamic banking leader Hada DBank is working to attract the 1.3 billion clients of Islamic banking all over the world especially typical in the Middle East, East Asia and North African areas. The bank uses openness, crowdfunding, interest-free services fixated financial investment and fair circulation of resources amongst token holders in accordance with the concepts of Islamic Banking.

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The Blockchain bank has actually effectively finished the very first significant turning point of landing a business customer in the shape of Uberstate As part of the offer Uberstate will end up being Hada DBank’s very first business customer and will buy $1 million worth of HADA tokens. Both the start-ups will planning to support each other to make a sustainable crypto-economy possible.


UberState is an advanced platform genuine estate financial investment and advancement by supplying a chance for fractional ownership of huge properties and organisations in the sector, something that has actually shown really challenging in the existing designs widespread in the market.

The majority of the worth of the native token is backed by property properties and the token can be exchanged for products and services all over the world.

The flagship item of Uberstate is a 100% automatic financial investment platform that permits massive direct financial investment into huge property jobs, business advancement with the assistance of Blockchain securities tokens that are signed up with the federal governments as such. Uberstate themselves are going to introduce their token sale and dates are going to be revealed in the future.

The Collaboration

The collaboration opens a brand-new door of cooperation in between the 2 Blockchain business. Both celebrations will get to gain from each other’s platforms. Hada DBank got its very first customer and Uberstate got its very first financing source for the megaprojects it intends to develop.

Mr. Hisyam M, the CEO of Hada DBank stated that the business are happy on the purchase of HADACoin and to create a collaboration with Uberstate by having them as their business customer. He mentioned that this was a mark of self-confidence on the Banking task.

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Hisyam thinks that to have 2 blockchain-based jobs interacting is the real significance of blockchain economy that represents among the spirits of blockchain in basic, sharing economy.

The business are anticipating deal with Uberstate in servicing their customers in the closest future and to create more collaborations with not simply blockchain-based however likewise typical entities in our effort to present HADA DBank Banking services and products to the mass market.

Hada DBank Token Generation Occasion

HADA tokens are the native cryptocurrency of the Hada DBank platform The rate for the token generation occasion is set at 1,500 HADA for 1 ETH however the very first 1 million individuals will be priced at 3,000 HADA for 1 ETH The soft cap is set at 5,000 ETH and the tough cap is set at 30,000 ETH. Find Out More on the Hada DBank site https://www.hada-dbank.com/

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