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Cryptos Are Downtrending This Week

The weekly Technical Analysis is offered by Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Expert at RoboForex.

The weekly Technical Analysis is offered by Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Expert at RoboForex.

Needless to state, all declarations and views revealed listed below and a ny projections included herein are exclusively based upon the author’s specific viewpoint.

This analysis might not be dealt with as trading recommendations. RoboForex and Trustnodes bears no obligation for trading outcomes based upon trading suggestions and examines included herein.


Bitcoin is blazing a trail on the planet of cryptocurrencies, and today its technical outlook is mainly bearish, with both long and short-term patterns being coming down.

In the midterm, the cost is approaching the present channel assistance, with the target at $5,750 The MACD and the cost are assembling, which suggests the pattern may go back quickly.

Another turnaround signal, and a more trusted one, would be the $6,720 resistance breakout, which would enable the cost to relocate to the upper forecast channel and reach $7,650


Ether long term pattern is still coming down, as the most recent present resistance test ended with the cost returning inside the variety.

The rising channel assistance got then broken out, and the cost formed a brand-new coming down pattern with its significant target at the assistance, i.e. $355

When it comes to the short-term coming down pattern, the most recent cost micro relocation did not reach the assistance, which might indicate a pullback is near, with the possible to reach the resistance at $490

This, in its turn, will enable the cost to go on to the significant channel resistance at $520 After checking this essential level, the cost might draw back and decrease once again.

Bitcoin Money

BCH is presently downtrending, with the last correctional pattern reaching the present channel resistance and screening it for a long period of time.

Once the most recent uptrend assistance were broken out and brand-new lower regional lows formed, a brand-new coming down micro pattern appeared.

Over the last couple of days, the cost got strong drawback momentum that broke out the coming down channel assistance. BCH entered the lower forecast channel and might continue decreasing to the regional assistance at $720

The short-term pullback might press the cost to the resistance, however then $720 is most likely to be checked. The midterm target might be at $300, which is the present channel assistance.


NEO cost is moving along 2 channels, with the midterm one being larger and the short-term, rather narrower.

Within the larger channel, brand-new lows appeared slowly, however did not even touch the assistance, which reveals the momentum might be fading out.

Within the short-term channel the scenario was rather the reverse, with the cost touching both the assistance and resistance levels.

Today, the cost is bouncing off the assistance, which enables one to presume it might increase to reach the midterm channel resistance at $45

When this level gets broken out, the worldwide pattern might go back, too, with the cost transferring to the upper forecast channel and heading to its resistance at $60


Ripple is downtrending, like many other significant cryptos. Technically, the drop targets are near the assistance, in between $0.40 and $0.35

Accomplishing those targets is not a simple job, however. In the short-term, the cost might well recuperate to the present channel resistance at $0.60, and just then form another relocation to the significant target.

If $0.60 gets broken out, however, the cost might well reach the long term coming down channel resistance at $0.75

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