Bethereum ICO Analysis


Bethereum is an ingenious wagering platform constructed on blockchain innovation. Completely decentralized and developed to take on the crucial obstacles of traditional wagering, it provides a host of ingenious social and gamification functions. Beginning with sport wagering, the vision is to establish a broad B2C and B2B environment and develop the Bether token as a worldwide wagering requirement.

Exactly what is the worth proposal?

The crucial advantages of Bethereum are following:


A platform that is developed to accommodate a lot more than simply sports wagering.

Our company design is made to quickly scale onto a worldwide level.

Anybody can construct their own wagering application utilizing our designer SDK.


Smart Agreements protected funds and include openness to wagering.

All bets include no intermediaries and are trustless interactions in between personal.

Relied on Oracles confirm match outcomes and make sure fairness.

Home Entertainment

Created to increase user retention through gamification.

A strong social aspect in wagering boosts user retention.

Unique occasions and benefits keep users engaged


The easiest account production of any wagering platform.

An easy to use platform for everybody.

A user interface that is instinctive even for the most casual gamblers.


Targets the emerging market section of casual gamblers.

Has a deflationary ERC223 token.

Social wagering is viewed as more reasonable than traditional wagering.

The token

Pre-sale cap: 6,000 ETH (reached)

Main sale cap: 19,000 ETH

Overall Difficult cap: 25,000 ETH

Max Token supply: 1,000,000,000 BETHER

Tokens offered in Pre-sale: 144,000,000 BETHER

Tokens offered in Mainsale: 456,000,000 BETHER

Overall tokens offered for sale: 600,000,000 BETHER

End token list price: 17.500 BETHER = 1 ETH


Staff member

Peter Gal, co-founder

Martin Herman, co-founder

Giacomo Tognoni, CEO

Philip Staehelin, strategy advisor

Stanislav Sebest, betting and gaming expert

Dite Gashi, blockchain architect

Monja Prole, betting advisor

Robert Herman, marketing director

Viktor Mikulasek, strategy advisor

Peter Dendis, token sale advisor

David Stancel, blockchain advisor

Ondrej Sarnecky, blockchain developer

Michal Ugor, PR advisor

Sarah Weiss, marketing manager

Michal Duzek, fullstack developer

Viktor Jurasek, head of marketing

Juraj Karovic, UI&UX designer

Jan Slobodnik, content writer

Roy Nir Lieberman, community manager

Kenneth Kumor, advisor

Daniel Suchanovsky, developer

Timo Palus, developer

Bethereum ICO evaluation and analysis

Listed below you can read our unbiased evaluation and analysis for Bethereum (BTHR):


  • Exceptional neighborhood engagement levels due to effective bounty program timed appropriately with World Cup 2018
  • Aesthetically engaging and user friendly model offered on App Shop
  • Group has a strong performance history on structure start-ups and carrying out well in marketing

Possible issues

  • Resolving the structural obstacles impacting the traditional wagering market requires both first-rate development and execution
  • The market is really competitive and getting market share from existing crucial gamers needs large adoption

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